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The CREATV Company facilitated 3 episodes of The Amazing Race Israel Season 5.

The 11 Hanoi locations were scouted and prepped months before the Israeli crew arrived. It was an amazing-crazy day as the 3 seventy minute episodes were all shot in just a 24-hour day!

An intense production as per the Wikipedia page:


Leg 10 (South Korea → Vietnam)

The view of Turtle Tower around HoànKiếm Lake in Hanoi was the Detour for this leg of the Race.

Airdate: 30 August, 4 & 6 September 2016

At the Hanoi Opera House, teams had to stand on the roof and watch the busy roundabout below, on the look-out for seven numbers found on marked vehicles and people. Once they have all seven numbers, they had to head to a nearby motorcycle parking lot and find one of a few license plates matching all seven numbers to receive their next clue. This was also where they had to vote the team that would be U-Turned.

At Hoàn Kiếm Lake, teams faced this leg’s detour, where they chose between Slow & Fast. In Slow, teams had to perform thirty minutes of Tai Chi to receive their next clue. In Fast, teams had to perform Cardio Aerobics to receive their next clue. Once they completed their respective detours, they were directed to the U-Turn board at Trúc Bạch Lake.

At Trúc Bạch Lake Marina, teams had to ride in a swan boat, where they took a mandatory break from the Race.

At Tu Lien School, teams faced the Double-Battle for this leg. In this challenge, one team member must perch themselves on a thin pole while maintaining balance and trying to knock their opponent off the log in order to score a point. The first team to score two points receives their next clue, while the loser waits for the next team to battle.

At the Temple of Literature, Teams would pick up a pair of shoulder harnesses with baskets and fill them with rice. They would then carry the rice along a marked path around the temple until they reached a set of scales, where they would weigh their rice. Once teams reached a total of 284kg of rice – the amount that an average Vietnamese family consumes in a year, they received their next clue.

At Lenin Park, teams would find a series of blocks on the ground. One team member would stand on the starting block, while their partner would retrieve bamboo ladders of varying lengths from a large pile. They could only lay down ladders if they fit perfectly between a pair of blocks. Teams needed to find a way to use their limited amount of ladders to cross all of the blocks to reach their next clue.

At Nghia Mai, teams had to find a marked coal shop, where teams would use local tools to make 30 round coal bricks, a traditional Vietnamese fuel source, using wet coal. They would then have to use tongs to pick up four bricks, two per team member, and carry them through the neighbourhood without damaging them or putting them down. Once they delivered them to a marked vendor, she would use them to power her stoves and give the teams the next clue.

At Thu Le Park Zoo, teams would have to learn how to perform a traditional Chinese lion dance. During the dance, teams would need to jump across a series of platforms while wearing the lion costume, taking care not to fall off. If successful, teams would receive their next clue taking them to Hung Lien Bun Cha Restaurant

At Hung Lien Bun Cha Restaurant, teams would have to eat the entire contents of the foul-smelling durian, freshly picked off the tree. Once they finish their meal, teams would receive their next clue.

At the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, teams had to enter a specific building, where they would find 1500 Vietnamese ‘non’ hats. One team member had to look through the hats for one with a tiny race flag on the underside. For every hat they picked up, they would have to place it on the head of their partner, continuing to stack them up higher and higher. If the hats fell off of their head at any point, the team would have to serve a 10-minute penalty before continuing. Once teams found the hat with the tiny race flag, they could exchange it for their next clue, directing them to the Pit Stop at the Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long.

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