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Lost in Love

In October 2018, one of America’s biggest reality TV series, NBC’s The Bachelor, returned to Vietnam for its 23rd season, selecting the magnificent coastal beauty of Nha Trang and Cam Ranh to be its destinations of romance.

Having worked with the show in the past back in 2013, The Creatv Company understood the scope and extremity of this project.

Our preparation process was intense from scouting and securing locations, planning over-the top dates/activities, to art support, costumes, transportation, and logistics for possibly the largest TV production ever.

With each of the dates was designed to be a unique romantic adventure, from sea urchins fishing in the ocean bay, to cozy mud baths in a man-made tropical jungle, and martial arts training at a century old ancient house, we were working days and nights to make sure even the tiniest details were topnotch.

The production was so massive that on shoot days, our production transports, which was around 50 vehicles from cast and crew vans, equipment vans, to arts trucks and catering trucks stretched easily hundreds yards down the block, with each of the vehicle was accompanied by at least 2-3 bilingual PAs.

Like any other reality series, changes are always part of production, thus we were always on the lookout, especially for matters we have no control over such as the weather and able to act quickly to support any crucial changes relating to locations, talents, and transportation.

Our team was racing, literally on their feet, against the deadline and the odds, to ensure that everything falls perfectly into place, all in the name of love.

Photo courtesy of NBC Universal

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