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Production Services

We offer full production services as well as produce commercial films for our local and overseas clients.

Location Services

We Manage Locations for feature films, documentaries, television programs and new media for international and local markets.

Facility rentals

Our One-Stop-Shop facility offers large production offices, 2 sound stages, as well as 4 post production suites.

The CREATV Company, your Production Partner in Vietnam & South-East Asia

The CREATV Company is Vietnam’s longest established private production service company.

- Othello Khanh, Founder & MD
From Content Development to Production and Post services, we bring unparalleled experience and expertise in the making of feature films, commercials, international TV programs, digital content, and corporate videos.
With over 20 years of operations in Vietnam, The CREATV Company has built a unique infrastructure including production offices, 2 sound stages and an in house post-production facility with offline, online, grading and sound suites. 

With offices in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon) and affiliate companies in the region, we work with international and local agencies to servicea network of clients locally and around the world.


TEAM – Our People
Othello Khanh | Founder and Managing Director

Othello is Managing Director at the Creatv Company. Award winning writer, director, producer. Born and raised in Paris, France in 1964, son of fashion icon Emmanuelle KHANH and renaissance man Quasar KHANH. Started career in 1984 at RSC&G and Publicis Conseil leading French advertising agencies. His passion for film making led him to study at ESRA Paris before working in film and commercial productionand as cameraman, editor and director for French television channels TF1, A2, FR3.


Othello moved to Mexico in 1993 and shot, directed & produced the Latino American Studies Association Merit in Film award winner documentary “Ballads without a Face” featuring legendary rebel leader Sub commander Marcos. The distribution of his film led him to Los Angeles in 1995 where he got active with the Latino community and screened his film at the AFI Film Fest 95.
Landed in Ho Chi Minh City in October 95 – during a solar eclipse, which inspired his 2007 Houston WorldFest Special Jury Award winning feature “Saigon Eclipse”. Directed the first TV commercials in Vietnam for brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Unilever and P&G before founding the one-stop-shop: CREATV Company the most renowned motion picture, TV and commercials production house in Vietnam with prestigious international clients such as Warner, CBS and Paramount Pictures.
In 2011 Othello wrote, directed and produced in collaboration with Cinétévé (Paris) the 52 minutes documentary “Florence Cassez, the ultimate recourse” shot in France and Mexico. The broadcast on National French Network France 5 eventually led to free the innocent woman from a 93 years jail sentence. Othello co-wrote and co-produced the 90 minutes documentary “the tale of An Phuc House”, Award winner of the Best Feature Documentary film at the 2013 New York City International Film Festival and Jury Award at Vietnam’s 18th National Film Festival in Nam Dinh.

Irene Trinh | Head of Production, Int’l Services and Feature Films
Irene is Head of Production and Feature Films at the Creatv Company. In this capacity, Irene is responsible for the overall strategy and development of the Production and Features. She has produced eight feature films since relocating to Vietnam in 2005. Her most recent film is Huong Ga: Rise, directed by Cuong Ngo, which is in post-production (2014). Her first film was Sai Gon Nhat Thuc (“Saigon Eclipse,” 2007, Special Jury Prize Best Drama, Houston Worldfest) directed by Othello Khanh.

Prior to moving to Vietnam, and for six years, Irene was the Marketing Director at PS Production Services Ltd., a camera, lighting and grip equipment rental house supplier to the Canadian film and television production industry with offices across Canada. Irene was responsible for the company’s marketing initiatives, activities and client relations directed at some of Canada’s top Producers, Line Producers, Production Managers, DOP’s, and Gaffers, as well as international studios: Paramount, Universal, Lion’s Gate, etc.
Prior to joining PS, Irene was an independent producer/production manager on television serials such as: “Know Your Child” for Discovery Channel Canada and “Suzuki’s Nature Quest” for YTV Canada and Discovery USA.She has served as the Executive Director of the Vietnamese Society of Motion Picture and Television Pioneers and was responsible for the launch of three multi-disciplinary art and cultural festivals held at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. Irene has also served on the Board of Directors of the Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival, one of North America’s premiere venues for Asian cinema.
Irene majored in English literature and western history at Toronto’s York University. She then completed her general accounting diploma at Humber College. In 2005, Irene returned to her studies at Ryerson University on a part-time basis, where she completed her Marketing and Business Management Certificates.

Daniel Gordon Jones | Executive Producer
Daniel is CREATV Company’s Executive Producer.

He has worked in the creative, marketing and production industry for almost 22 years.
Daniel started his career in London, working in client service at two of the best agencies in the world, DMB&B (IMP) and then Bates Dorland.


He always had my sights on travelling the globe so when offered a position at Bates Vietnam he immediately said yes and set off on a big worldly adventure. After some initial hesitation, Daniel managed to settle in and start to really appreciate Asia and working in this part of the world. Though the job came with many challenges of developing markets,he found as a brand advocate, he was truly able to innovate and steer brands unlike the UK.Daniel became General Manager at Bates in 2003 and then moved to DDB VAC in 2007, to take the agency through a DDB Worldwide buy out and achieve the wholly owned DDB Group Vietnam status in 2012. After 4 years as CEO he decided on a new career path and joined The Creatv Company to help lead the change into digital & commercial content and beyond.
Throughout his tenure Daniel has consistently set his sights on building world-class teams producing world class work by generating insightful and cut-through marketing concepts, driving innovative strategy resulting in effective ROI, profitability & growth for clients brands and the overall organisation.

Eric Amsellem | Head of Digital and Strategic Partnerships
Eric is the Head of Digital, Content & Strategic Partnerships at The CREATV Company.

He develops digital business strategy for brands and multi-platform programs for Broadcasters.

He’s also in charge of the strategic development of the company.


Eric’s experience as a producer in the music and television industry spans over 25 years. In the early 90s, he founded RV.L.A Inc, a music production company promoting French artists on the West Coast of the US and produced the music Festival “Rendez-Vous in L.A”, that gathered both American and European artists (Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Cesaria Evora, Manu Di Bango…).

In 1994, he went back to France, where he began producing for television and was in charge of new media and multi-platform development of television programs for top French production companies including Ardisson & Lumière and Coyote Productions.

In 2000 he launched 121 Productions, a firm that specializes in the creation of portfolios for intellectual property assets, related to traditional television formats and interactive audio-visual programs for digital television. He has been managing 121 Productions for 16 years.

During this period, he developed the prime time hit TV comedy series “Camera Café” for the M6 French TV Channel that he co-produced with Canal Plus’ Expand Group. This short scripted comedy series has become a worldwide reference and the format owned by 121 Productions was sold in more than 60 countries.

Outside his creative media knowledge, Eric is an experienced entrepreneur and manager with a strong expertise in business development.
In 1988, he founded a training company that specializes in the delivery of tailor-made and strategically aligned executive coaching for self-development in the corporate sector.
In 2002 he created, managed and patented the technological and editorial Vice Versa Solution the which allows content management of interactive videos on digital video broadcasting platforms (Open TV, Media Highway).
In 2011, he developed the Concept Car MEWE, created by the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud in collaboration with Toyota Europe Design Development and Toyota Japan.
And most recently, before joining The CREATV Company, he developed with the French pharmaceutical laboratory Servier an exclusive mobile app to train health care practitioners changing health behavior by enhancing patient motivation.

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