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Trung Nam Group (TNG) has been widely recognized as one of the top real estate and infrastructure developers in Vietnam. In 2017, the company began its biggest project to date, a series of watergates, or floodgates, that span across Ho Chi Minh city. Considered the first ever of its kind to be built in Vietnam, this eighteen months project was aimed to solve the city’s biggest problem, mass flooding.

This project is part of a twenty years master-plan of making Vietnam a modernized and sustainable country by 2020. As we are arriving at the gate of modernization, and climate change constantly threatens the country with unpredictable rain and rising tide, actions must be taken to save the city from sinking.

Having previously delivered stories for BP’s Lan Con Son Gas Project (phase one and two), and a time-lapse for Phu My Bridge, which was the first ever to be done in Vietnam, The Creatv Company was recommended by one of Vietnam’s major national broadcasting networks.

However, TNG chose us to document the mega-structure not only because of our pioneering experiences, but also because they wanted a reliable partner who willing to the extra mile to tell the story the best way possible. From underwater zone to hundred feet above the ground, surrounded by nothing but steel, smoke, and debris, we have been there every step of the way to capture the technologies, the actions, and the dramas.  We were also granted access to exclusive interviews with TNG’s top executives, engineers, and architects. As a production company, our biggest priority is to make the stories and their subjects fascinating. This involves integrating technologies information with genuine and touching human story that, altogether, can resonate with a wider range of viewer. The most difficult challenge for us when it comes to production is having to follow TNG’s agenda and schedule. This means we had little to no time time to prepare for the next shoot, most often one or two days, if we are lucky. Our production team including b-roll, interview, and fly-cam was working with news crew mentality, and always be ready to move upon short notice.In addition, we also committed in a quarterly delivery of a fifteen to twenty minutes story episode reporting the latest challenges, solutions, and progress of the project. Until this moment, all construction has been completed more than seventy percent and scheduled to be activated next year. The Creatv Company is very proud to be the creative mechanism behind this project, which considered a major step forward in fighting global warming.

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