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Following their successful 2018 campaign, Red Bull Vietnam and their marketing agency, VMLY&R, once again aimed to inspire and motivate dreamers with another story of courage, bravery, and resilience.

The Sweetshop Films Shanghai partnered with The Creatv Company to tackle the intense three-day shoot at over six different locations.

Besides scouting for the right locations, our toughest mission was to recreate a Mount Everest-esque mountain from the very bottom to the very top as an epic backdrop for our KOL, Hoang Le Giang, the first Vietnamese to ever reach the North Pole, to reenact his unbelievable journey.

The journey is only part of Giang’s greater story of how he left behind his mundane and tedious life in the office to risk it all, including facing his physical and mental challenges, and finally reach the top.

It was a daunting process that took a massive design team of more than twenty people to complete in a period of two weeks. Every single detail that makes up the snow bathed mountain was created from scratch, from the giant summit to the microscopic snowflakes – literally!

We wanted the set to feel as realistic as possible because seeing and believing are two very different concepts, and at The Creatv Company, we never settle for less.

The campaign does not only tell Giang’s story but also mirrored the strong spirit, power, and ethics of the entire production crew coming together to execute, overcome, and create.


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Vietnam’s capital Hanoi was chosen to host the second summit between two of the World’s most famous, and often notorious figures, US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The Creatv Company took part in this historic event from a viewpoint across the room as a Country Fixers for CBS News, one of America’s longest established and most recognized news networks.

With our inside sources informing us that it was either Hanoi, or Da Nang, our team and CBS scouted potential locations and vantage points in both cities. When Hanoi was finally set, the rush began with us racing not only against time but also against other news networks to secure the best locations to cover the story.

Besides the primary coverage of the Summit, we also assisted CBS producers Jeff Glor, Major Garrett, and Ben Tracy in pursuing their news pieces, stories that highlighted how Vietnam as a country has risen from the ashes of war, notably on its willingness to open up to the world both economically and politically.

Although the summit ended without an agreement, for many who saw it happen, progress was still made. For CBS, although no deals were reached, they were happy as they had a great show, or as Dave Hawthorne, Senior Producer in charge put it, “a successful remote.” For the Creatv Company, it was a great experience taking part in the historic event.

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Lost in Love

THE BACHELOR, SEASON 23, EPISODE 5 In October 2018, one of America’s biggest reality TV series, NBC’s The Bachelor, returned to Vietnam for its 23rd season, selecting the magnificent coastal beauty of Nha Trang and Cam Ranh to be its destinations of romance.

Having facilitated the show back in 2013, The Creatv Company understood the scope and extremity of this project.

Our preparation process was intense from scouting and securing locations, planning over-the top dates/activities, to art support, costumes, transportation, and logistics for possibly the largest TV production ever.

With each date designed to be a unique romantic adventure, from sea urchins fishing in the ocean bay, to cozy mud baths in a man-made tropical jungle, and martial arts training at a centuries old ancient house, we were working long days and nights to make sure even the tiniest detail was topnotch.

Our team was racing, literally on their feet, against the deadline and the odds, to ensure that everything fell perfectly into place, all in the name of love.

Photo courtesy of ABC

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The Wolf Duo

A production partnership between The Creatv Company and A-List actor/producer Ngo Thanh Van’s Studio68 Productions. Song Lang (The Wolf Duo), marked The Creatv Company’s latest foray in Vietnamese feature filmmaking. Previous films include: Saigon Eclipse, The House in the Alley, and Gentle.A directorial debut from Leon Le, a Vietnamese American stage actor, whose artistry came from his work on Broadway. Song Lang is a period drama about a debt collector who finds unexpected friendship with a Cai Luong actor (Vietnamese traditional opera) in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. With the friendship deepening but the mutual love unconsummated, their internal conflict ultimately draws them closer to each other but further away from their everyday lives. With a very limited budget, unknown talent, and a socially sensitive topic, not to mention employing traditional opera as the theme and backdrop, we knew this movie would be challenging. But as the Vietnamese feature film market is often flooded with crude comedies and forgettable action flicks that aim merely for the box office, Song Lang’s story offered us an opportunity to make a statement.The film’s cinematography by newcomer Bob Nguyen is nothing short of exceptional down to the minute detail in every frame. Veteran Production Designer Ghia Fam lent his visual prowess to the period sets, backdrops and both demure and extravagant period costumes to help relay the story of the everyman and the dramatic-over-the-top world of Cai Luong.

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Slide on the Edge

In summer 2018, The Creatv Company was tasked with facilitating and building the sets for a campaign by Vice Scandinavia for Malibu Rum. Hosted by Nick Jonas, this was an explosive three days event taking place at a beautiful coastal city of Mui Ne, Vietnam, which we won the bid against Mexico, a heavy contender considering their coastal landscape.

Preparation was mainly focused on a series of complex infrastructure constructed entirely from scratch including an oobleck double pool and a beach arena.

But the most daunting task our team had to face was building a water slide on top of a sand dune of a desert.Standing at 100 feet altitude and a 45 degree angle, this is the largest water slide ever been built in Vietnam, and possibly the largest in the world.The challenge here was not simply building a water slide, but raising it on top of the edge of the sand dune next to the ocean. This also called for a great extent in safety measure, especially ensuring the base structure of the slide is secured and rock-solid on the constantly shifting sand.As time was at the essence, our team of nearly one hundred professionals including designers, architects, and laborers, worked tirelessly for two months in the burning sand to execute the massive project.This was another summer highlight in our book as it proves that nothing is ever impossible when you have an a team of rock-stars who not only work hard, but also work smart with every bit of knowledge, experience, and dedication they have.

For more videos of the events, follow the link below to Malibu Rums official channel:

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It was exhilarating for The Creatv Company when the creators of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning This is Us (“TIU”) contacted The Creatv Company to line produce a two-episode story arc to be filmed in Ho Chi Minh City.

Considered a breakout series when it first premiered in 2016, This Is Us has since gained its place as one of the best modern dramas in recent memory. True to TIU’s storytelling structure, The Creatv Company was tasked with finding the best locations for TIU’s multi-timeline plot with one story line taking place during the Vietnam War while the other unfolds in Present Day Ho Chi Minh City. Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

Having serviced several war time period projects, notably The Quiet American (2002) and Oriana (2013), we were mentally equipped when we started our scout. However, the last decade has seen rapid progress throughout Ho Chi Minh City, including heavy growth in  infrastructure – which made it challenging for both period locations!

But Tackling challenge is nothing new for The Creatv Company, and so off we went, in search of perfection. Ultimately, we found locations untouched by progress; there were dirt roads, stone bridges, rice fields, lotus ponds, banana trees, and bamboo thatch huts. And we were able to highlight modern day Saigon with its tall glass towers, and iconic monuments of the past, despite the massive inner-city transformations.

Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

This is Us airs on NBC in the United States and The Creatv Company is based in Ho Chi Minh City, servicing Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.


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Axis Bank and Chrome Pictures India entrusted us to provide location and line production service for a digital effort that will be featured on their official Youtube Channel.

This project marked a second production partnership between The Creatv Company with Chrome Pictures and their creative powerhouse Amit Sharma.  Chrome’s last project was an epic location shoot at Ban Gioc Waterfalls at the Vietnam Northern border, a TVC commissioned by Lowe Mumbai.

This time, was a simple creative that involves a few talents, a boat, and a jungle.

However, it was not a simple request for location.

The clients were not just looking for any ordinary jungle. They wanted a very specific scenery that can be played off as the tigers-roamed Bengali jungle, where the production was originally slated but due to severe drought, the location had to be changed.

Even so, the story still takes place in the Bengali jungle and the mission was to scout for a location that resembles the original location the best way possible. In addition, for better logistics, the location needs to be  close to the city and our base camp.Our location and production managers delivered just that, the mysterious and beautiful Can Gio national park with dense mangrove and secluded waterways, located just outside of the city. Not only that, the location bears an uncanny resemblance to the Bengali jungle.The production itself was a race against time as the crew faced unpredictable weather and fast receding tide. But, as always, we successfully completed the project to show that with The Creatv company, Vietnam can become a versatile canvas for any desired settings.


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We were contacted directly by Unilever London to work on an exciting board for a digital commercial for Comfort fabric softener.

This job involved quite a lot of art direction, building a walking wardrobe that shoots a bloom of flower petals at a young lady when she was under stress through the day.

We had a lot of fun shooting the walking wardrobe on the busy streets of HCMC district 1, and received a lot of strange looks from locals and tourists.

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When Sunlight came launching a new scent floor cleaner, Mullen Lowe Vietnam and Unilever selected The CreaTV Company to be their production partner.

The one day shoot involved a mop and lots of CGI petals, emanating as mum cleaned the floor.

Our star baby behaved beautifully during the whole shoot!

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The Home Credit story is one of a boy growing up always being told “No you can’t”, then finally realising that with an easy Home Credit loan facility, “yes he can” fulfilling his dreams and turning his life around.

This great storyboard came courtesy of Mirum Agency.

We completed the shoot in two days, avoiding the heavy rain, with director Nhu Dang and his team.