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Article in Tuoi Tre this morning (4 June 3013) :
Documentary VN Agent Orange victims in New York competition
03/06/2013 02:14 (GMT + 7)
TT – The Organizing Committee International Film Festival New York (NYCIFF, taking place from 13 to 20-6 in New York, USA) has announced the list of films nominated documentaries, including a film documentation VN Agent Orange victims by Babel Entertainment Company (Canada) and Crea TV (VN) co-production.
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A Documentary  film on Myanmar economic growth


We intend to produce a reference documentary film on the economic development in Myanmar.

This film will include interviews of important economic operators installed in the country for many years familiar with the Burmese economy. They will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy; its potential and eventual investment brakes.

But the film will also highlight that Burma has massive economic potential. It has one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world, as well as other minerals, and is geographically well positioned to be a gateway for trade.

Burma sits indeed between India and China, with ports on the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea. If developed with more rail and pipeline projects, Burma could link Asean with India and the rest of South Asia.

The film will naturally include images of the main economic centers of the capital Yangon (the business district, the port, the city center…) as well as tourist places most taken (Shwedagon Pagoda, Golden Rock Kyaikto, Yangon circular train Karaweik Palace Kandawgyi Park) insofar Burma’s industries such as tourism have not been developed to their full potential.



Prosperous country in the 1950s, Burma is now one of the poorest countries in the region. However, the country has significant advantages: abundant raw materials (mining, timber, oil and gas), a market of over 62 million consumers, a skilled cheap labor and a strong regional integration, because of its membership in ASEAN since 1997 and its close ties with China and India.

Moreover, the inauguration of the new government in March 2011, preceded in 2010 by a movement of privatization has been accompanied by an acceleration of economic reforms. A floating exchange rate was introduced on 1 April 2012. Taxation on trade has been simplified and reduced.

The system for granting import licenses relating to export earnings has been relaxed. President Thein Sein is committed to making the economy a priority in a second wave of reforms in response to the interest of major international companies after the lifting of U.S. and European sanctions.

A law on foreign investment was adopted on 7 September 2012, supposed to encourage capital inflows, raising a number of barriers to investment in agriculture, fisheries, industry and tourism. International financial institutions and the government are in talks for several months about the resolution of the debt Burma to allow the resumption of lending.

The Paris Club and the Burmese government signed an important agreement on January 24, canceling 60% of Burma’s debt. The rest will be rescheduled over fifteen years. This agreement is another sign of the confidence that the international community is giving to the reformist regime in Burma. And with the gradual opening up to competition, the Burmese government plans an annual growth of 7.7% over five years.

For a long time, few Western companies were operating in Burma. This period of time is over. A new process has been activated and, for sure, nobody is willing to stop it for now. Burma is a new land of opportunities with a huge potential, as was Vietnam in early 90’s when it started to open itself to the outside world.



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Signs of Life is a road safety campaign developed by Othello KHANH – Créa TV in association with Director – Animator Philippe MASSONNET.
Episode 1 is a 30 second pilot of a series created for AIP Foundation about pedestrian safety.


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Othello Khanh and Fabrice Turri documented the 40 years Celebration of Vietnam – France Diplomatic relationships at the Saigon Opera House on April 12, 2013.

France’s Consul General Fabrice Mauries, opens the gates of his residence and talks about the Paris Agreements and 1973 and the bilateral relationships 40 years later.

12 Avril 2013 – Celebration du 40eme Anniversaire des relations diplomatiques entre la France et le Vietnam a Ho Chi Minh Ville.
Avec Fabrice Mauries, Consul General de France a Ho Chi Minh Ville.

Un film de Othello Khanh et Fabrice Turri
Production: Créa TV Content

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After seasons 3, 10, 13, 15 Créa TV is proud to have facilitated episode 5 season 22 of the Amazing Race, the Greatest show on Earth shot in Hanoi:
” The Amazing Race Ep. 22.5, “Your Tan is Totally Cool”: Tensions rise in Vietnam and produce the season’s best episode” Dan Eaton –


Posted on March 18, 2013By Dan HeatonSat / SunThe Amazing RaceTV


The Amazing Race Review, Season 22, Episode 5
“Your Tan is Totally Cool”
Airs Sundays at 8pm (ET) on CBS

Looking back at some of the best episodes in Amazing Race history, many of them take place in crowded cities that knock racers out of their comfort zones. Dropping teams into a foreign culture and forcing them to maneuver adds an extra layer to the challenge. This week, the remaining eight teams head to Hanoi and clearly feel the pressure of the unknown environment. With the added weight of the impending Double U-Turn on their shoulders, everyone brings their best effort to avoid last place. Well, almost everyone. Vietnam isn’t on par with India in terms of culture shock, but there are still enough obstacles to create an entertaining leg. It may not be one of the greatest episodes, but it’s easily the best of this season. The stakes feel higher as the number of teams gets smaller. After David and Connor choose to exit the stage, removing two teams seems possible. Even when Chuck and Wynona are spared from elimination, it doesn’t lessen the excitement of this fast-paced episode. She’s a weaker physical player, but the sour attitude is the real problem. She grumbles about him for the entire leg and doesn’t recognize that he’s been working tirelessly to compensate for her shortcomings. If they’re not on the same page, Chuck and Wynona are doomed very soon.

Teams depart Bali and fly to Hanoi, and David realizes they must stop after talking with his orthopedic surgeon. They travel to Vietnam but immediately locate Phil for an emotional departure. David and Connor are likable and strong, so it’s too bad that fate dealt them a rough hand. Pam and Winnie join Max and Katie on an early flight, but they miss the operating hours for the Roadblock by a short window. Everyone catches up and starts on equal footing the next day. There’s plenty of talk about the alliance and putting the target on the roller derby moms and Joey and Meghan. John’s negative impact on the game remains, and a few players take a shot at his idiotic choice to keep the Express Pass. The editors are sparing him no mercy. The problems for his alliance show the pratfalls of separating from the main group on this show. It’s better to just play it straight and be nice to everyone when U-Turns come into play. The Roadblock involves memorizing some phrases from the performance of a song depicting the wonders of socialism. No one has a huge problem, and everyone ventures on for a special blessing as they jump through a small course. It is one of those cultural tasks that is easy to complete, but Chuck and Wynona still have issues. They repeatedly try it and don’t focus on why they’re failing. It’s pretty early for killer fatigue, but it’s really set in for the Alabama couple this week.


The big showdown comes at the Detour since the U-Turn chance awaits them after finishing. Pam and Winnie arrive first and maintain their lead right up to the end. Despite their navigation struggles several weeks ago, they’re looking like front runners at this point. They stick with the plan and pin the U-Turn on Meghan and Joey, who have a charming sad face in their picture. The You Tube hosts are the second team to complete the Detour, but they’re forced to choose the other option. They’re frustrated but thankfully avoid the frequent nasty behavior from victims of this tactic. Megan and Joey make the perfect choice for the second U-Turn and pick a weak team that is definitely behind them. Chuck and Wynona are unlikely to blow through both Detour options in time to pass them. It’s rare to see teams make the right pick in this situation and is a refreshing change of pace. They fall back to sixth place but prove their mettle by handling the adversity well.

The Detour options are “Make Your Move” and “Make Your Meal”, and both are complicated endeavors. The first requires players to set up a Chinese chess board using human pieces. If they figure out the pattern, it’s simple and the better choice. However, it could lead to confusion if they miss the general idea. The other option could take longer but is straightforward. Teams must buy a large amount of ingredients from a local market and cook a popular Vietnamese dish. The challenge is purchasing the right quantity from sellers who don’t speak their language. Max and Katie are lucky enough to locate a “Fern” (a local who speaks English and is willing to help) and move into second place. Chuck and Wynona aren’t so lucky and forget the important step of grabbing some chickens at the start. He’s running off in every direction, and she’s sitting back and grumbling to the camera about him. In fact, they’re still doing this Detour when Joey and Meghan arrive there from the U-Turn. Chuck adds to the silliness by saying “Muchas Gracias” after receiving their clue. Poor guy.


With David and Connor out, it’s hard to say who will make the final leg. The most likely trio is Pam and Winnie, Max and Katie, and Anthony and Bates, both each team has a flaw that could doom them at any time. The hockey players repeatedly do well at challenges and arrive behind other teams at the next task. Either they have a slow-moving camera guy or are really bad at navigation. They end up fifth this week and must have gone through quite an ordeal based on their relief at surviving. Although the Double U-Turn doesn’t kick out anyone, it raises the drama and delivers a very good episode. The energetic pace and intense competition are really kicking into gear and delivering one of the better recent seasons.

Dan Heaton

By Dan Heaton

Dan Heaton started writing about movies after taking a high-school film class and realizing it was a lot easier than analyzing high-brow literature. He lives in St. Louis and puts his English and Journalism degrees to good use on his blog, Public Transportation Snob (, and as a contributor to PopMatters ( His favorite TV shows are Homicide: Life on the Street, Sports Night, Stargate: SG-1, and Firefly, and his favorite movies are City Lights, Casablanca, Goodfellas, and L.A. Story.

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Title: Line Bear Café TVC 15″

Agency: Chiel

Director: Kevin Ryan

Prod House: Créa TV

Shot in Créa TV studio B – 6 February 2013

with Celebrity Minh Hang

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Title: Line Mall TVC 15″

Agency: Chiel

Director: Kevin Ryan

Prod House: Créa TV

Shot in Créa TV studio B – 6 February 2013

with Celebrity Minh Hang

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Wednesday 20 February 2013

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