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The Creatv Company welcomed back the amazing team from Sputnik Media for the upcoming fourth season of the award-winning Jobs Without Frontiers.  This time around, we tackled getting deep inside Vietnam’s postal service system.  Working closely with Vietnam Post (with southern region headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City), the Creatv Company and Sputnik Media joined two Postmen from a rural, remote Post Office on a 5-day, intensive look and first hand experience of the daily life of Vietnam Post.

Four postal workers from Belgium joined two of their Vietnamese counterparts, as the Belgian workers tackled doing the job of a Vietnamese postal worker through diverse terrain that included travel by foot, bike, and boat in order to deliver the daily mail!  While the work itself can sometimes be similar, and though the language barrier can be broken, ultimately, it’s the raw emotions of adapting to the local way of living and the bonds that bind, then ultimately separating as the Belgian team heads home, is what drives the emotional journey that is Jobs Without Frontiers.

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The Creatv Company sends our hardiest thank you to the amazing people at Vietnam Post, and salute our postal workers both Vietnamese and Belgian!

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