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From time to time, the Creatv Company embarks on a journey that reaches the depths of our soul, and with Dateline (SBS Australia), the Creatv Company did just that! Beginning in Ho Chi Minh City our investigative travels took us to Bien Hoa and Nha Trang where Joe Le searched for a father who only lived in his imagination. More than twenty years later, the journey took Joe to places he only heard or dreamt about, to meet a family he’s only seen photos of, and to a home, only his heart knew just how much it yearned for.

With great support from our friends at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the lovely locals who guided and aided Joe in his search, and the wonderfully patient Director/DP Catherine Scott, Dateline changed Joe forever, with this once in a lifetime experience!

Watch the full film here:

see the trailer here:

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