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We will be posting our latest works and moods. Stay tuned!

2014 was a crazy, wacky year full of excitement and emotion. We chased lost planes and delivered mega shows. We had tears of joy and produced exhilarating projects.

Thank you to our amazing clients and partners for giving us the opportunity to work on such cool projects. Above all, a great thank you to our wonderful and loyal teams who gave  life to these ideas. So Long 2014, Hello 2015!

Here is our latest work.


We had a great commercial season with a wide range of work. From full animation work to live shoots with post overseas as well as finishing in our state of the art in-house post production department.  We shot lifestyle, action, comedy, lots of kids. Although a lot of the work was shot in our sound stage in Saigon we shot a lot on location all across Vietnam.  Our team of producers had the the pleasure to work with directors from continents across the planet: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you to our Clients and partner agencies for their continuous support.  A great THANKS to our hard working team who’s made our company what it is for the last two decades.


On land, on water and in the air. The year started with the broadcast of the Bachelor USA episode we shot for ABC Warner, an extraordinary shoot with a total crew of over 300 heads inclusive of 250 US crew and 10 metric tonnes of equipment in transit. We’re used to big American shows, but this one surpassed anything we had ever line-produced before. Job was done on time, within budget and safely in Danang between two Typhoons hitting the central coast.  Our second large scale project came from Italy: ORIANA, a period miniseries taking place in the late 60′s. We reconstituted a bombing and its aftermath in old Saigon, the furious battle of Dak To in the central highlands and had the full support of the Vietnamese Army who let us film the Bien Hoa Airbase and their Bell-Huey helicopters.

In the wee hours of March 8, our MD received a laconic phone call: “Hi, this is the New York news desk, can you pass some phone calls for us?”  It was ABC News and they were looking for a plane that went missing as it was entering the Vietnamese waters. This was an intense job as we set up teams in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia for about 3 weeks to cover the investigation for the major US Network. The plane was never to be seen again. We closed the year with a less emotionally charged topic, proving research and production support for another US network show: Andrew Zimmern had decided to return to Vietnam to shoot a second “Bizarre Food” episode, this time in Ho Chi Minh City. Stand by for more news as the show will air on the Travel Channel in early 2015!


The news hit the prompters this December. Google announced that Vietnam became the 3 largest country per capita – after the USA and Japan – to consume video through mobile devices. This trend was confirmed by the growth of our productions in this department.  In February Pepsi and BBDO invited us to follow 2 chartered planes bringing home 364 less fortunate students and factory workers who were given a chance to return to their home town and regroup with their family after years of separation. A lot emotion for this Tet program. Later in the year we produced a series of web documentaries for AIA Insurance and their Agency Bates, Chi & Partners. This heartwarming series follows real people, their real challenges and how they deal with them.  The AIA “Real Life Never Stops”  Youtube channel received numerous visitors.

The CREATV company worked with Client Bee Talk to introduce their new application in Vietnam. The fun and youthful film features pop sensation Thao Nhi as she builds up a band to perform in a park. Another musical piece was produced for the launch of Vietnamese blockbuster “Huong Ga”. This Music Video shot in Mui Ne features movie Star Truong Ngoc Anh in leather and lace, rocking away in the desert amongst scorpios, flaming oil drums and memories from her past. We also produced two online films for Lowe Vietnam and their client Unilever for their products Omo and Omo Matic. check them out.


Other notable works in 2014 include “Gentle” a Feature Film produced by our partner CoCo Paris LLC whom we assisted as a local production partner. We also produced 2 oil and gas related corporate films for Petro Vietnam and French company Perenco. These projects included offshore aerial cinematography and follow a long line of oil and gas projects.

Our facilities were quite busy as well: another season of Vietnam’s Next Top Model was shot in our studios and our post production facilities got a major upgrade with DaVinci Resolve Grading and Smoke Online to complete our one stop shop services.


  1. Roydon | December 30, 2014 at 3:54 am

    Well done to your whole Team !!!!.
    Still looking at getting something to do with you all.

    May 2015 be aSweet one

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