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We will be posting our latest works and moods. Stay tuned!

This month, Créa TV is excited to announce the opening of our new Online and Davinci Resolve Color Grading Suite. Adding up to our existing editing and audio suites, this new post production service allows us to finish all projects in house from TVCs to Feature Films. A new service for our One-Stop-Shop Facility.


The upgrade of our post production facility allows our producers to offer the full in house experience of film making to our partners and clients.

Starting with our 2 audio treated/air-conditioned sound stages, our fully equipped production offices and post-production suites with 2 audio mixing rooms as well as 2 offline cutting rooms and now brand new online and Grading suite.


  1. Name *Nguyên Duy Tân | May 9, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    Bonjour Othi,

    Comment ça va?
    ça a l’air de bien marcher ta boîte alors !…

    Un bonjour d’Oslo de chez Iris, où je suis avec Joële depuis le 7/5 jusqu’au 14/5, pour garder notre petit-fils Cornélius, afin qu’Iris puisse participer à sa conférence en droit à Vilnius avec son mari Rune…
    Un bonjour à ton papa et à Michèle.

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