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After winning Best Feature Documentary Film Award at the New York City International Film Festival 2013, we are proud to announce that our documentary, “The Tale of An Phuc House”, has been awarded the Jury Prize at the 18th Vietnam Film Festival in Ha Long 2013.

This is extremely great news for the amazing people of An Phuc House. Director Ivan Tankushev and Producer Othello Khanh have received huge support from many associations around the world who have committed to building a house for these children. This will also go a long way to gaining further donations and support worldwide to better the lives of Agent Orange victims. VTV4 will also broadcast a 1-hour special about the documentary in their ‘Talk Vietnam’ program, coming soon nationwide.

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2013, Colour, Canada,Vietnam, Documentaries of the World (full length movies)THE TALE OF AN PHUC HOUSE



Director : Ivan Tankushev

Screenwriter : Ivan Tankushev, Othello Khanh

Cinematographer : Ivan Tankushev

Editor : Mateu Perpinya

Film production and Sales : Ivan Tankushev, Othello Khanh, Babel Entertainment, 5050 De Sorel, suite 110, Montréal, Québec H4P 1G5, / Crea TV, 339 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh Ville (Vietnam),




A powerful glimpse into the everyday lives of twenty disabled young adults living in a small house near Saigon. They are the third generation victims of Agent Orange, the defoliant that was used during the Vietnam War. This is an inspirational tale about pride, dignity and love; the story of Mr. Quang, a man who has dedicated his life to his adopted family, helping them become self-respecting, financially independent human beings; the story of twenty exceptional people, whose disabilities brought them together under one roof; the story of ordinary people living extraordinary lives in spite of their physical conditions.



A graduate of the Bulgarian Academy of of Cinema and Theatre, Ivan Tankushev has worked in animation filmmaking, in Europe, Canada and Asia, for over three decades. His short, Bustle (1987),won prizes at international festivals, and he has collaborated on the animation of numerous American TV shows, including Family Guy (Fox) and Arthur (PBS).



Tuesday August 27, 2013 – 12:00 PM – CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11
Wednesday August 28, 2013 – 09:30 PM – CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11
Friday August 30, 2013 – 02:50 PM – CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11






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We have completed the renovations of our Studio B:
– Sound treatment (walls, ceiling, door)
– ceiling light grid
Next: Studio A
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After winning best documentary at NYCIFF, the Tale of An Phuc House has just been selected to Montreal World Film Festival!

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Production Offices and Lounges

These past few month Créa TV has been renovating its facility big time!


Interior Designer Michele de Albert was invited to create a fresh working environment as well as a new onsite accommodation guest house. Transparency and openness were the guidelines to her work-frame.





The production offices entrance is a bright graphic  perspective leading to the new reception tiled space that opens on the producers area.




Michele incorporated modern workstations for the team of producers to work collaboratively.




The Executives wanted an open space to be working closer with their collaborators as well as being able to communicate easily.



And a large monitor linked to the network was installed for presentations and screenings.






For our new client’s lounge, Michele chose a theme of  taupe tones to go along with the Quasar Khanh Nervure cast aluminum and marble furniture.

Wooden Venetian blinds were added to give a cozy atmosphere, along with a wooden back-lit bar and a transparent beer fridge as per Executive Producer Steve Mc Lennan’s request.








Final touch to the production offices, a V.I.P. lounge was created for private meetings.

Michele chose a Créa TV orange upholstery for one of the sofa as a “clin d’oeil” to the brand’s corporate color.





Guest Accommodations




Créa TV wanted a new section of the compound to accommodate guests and filming crews, so the Villa was opened to the common areas.





First a bright dining room for crews and studio guests with a large wooden and metal table as a centerpiece, with convivial assorted benches.


And finally, a guestroom for incoming directors of technicians to spend the night after a long day shoot and be ready on set in the wee hours!




Merci Michele de Albert!

Photo credit: Fred Wissink, June 2013






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After almost 2 years dedication and perseverance, Créa TV is proud to announce that our co-production with Babel Entertainment Canada “the Tale of An Phuc House” has won the BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY AWARD at the New York City International Film Festival


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Article in Tuoi Tre this morning (4 June 3013) :
Documentary VN Agent Orange victims in New York competition
03/06/2013 02:14 (GMT + 7)
TT – The Organizing Committee International Film Festival New York (NYCIFF, taking place from 13 to 20-6 in New York, USA) has announced the list of films nominated documentaries, including a film documentation VN Agent Orange victims by Babel Entertainment Company (Canada) and Crea TV (VN) co-production.
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A Documentary  film on Myanmar economic growth


We intend to produce a reference documentary film on the economic development in Myanmar.

This film will include interviews of important economic operators installed in the country for many years familiar with the Burmese economy. They will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy; its potential and eventual investment brakes.

But the film will also highlight that Burma has massive economic potential. It has one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world, as well as other minerals, and is geographically well positioned to be a gateway for trade.

Burma sits indeed between India and China, with ports on the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea. If developed with more rail and pipeline projects, Burma could link Asean with India and the rest of South Asia.

The film will naturally include images of the main economic centers of the capital Yangon (the business district, the port, the city center…) as well as tourist places most taken (Shwedagon Pagoda, Golden Rock Kyaikto, Yangon circular train Karaweik Palace Kandawgyi Park) insofar Burma’s industries such as tourism have not been developed to their full potential.



Prosperous country in the 1950s, Burma is now one of the poorest countries in the region. However, the country has significant advantages: abundant raw materials (mining, timber, oil and gas), a market of over 62 million consumers, a skilled cheap labor and a strong regional integration, because of its membership in ASEAN since 1997 and its close ties with China and India.

Moreover, the inauguration of the new government in March 2011, preceded in 2010 by a movement of privatization has been accompanied by an acceleration of economic reforms. A floating exchange rate was introduced on 1 April 2012. Taxation on trade has been simplified and reduced.

The system for granting import licenses relating to export earnings has been relaxed. President Thein Sein is committed to making the economy a priority in a second wave of reforms in response to the interest of major international companies after the lifting of U.S. and European sanctions.

A law on foreign investment was adopted on 7 September 2012, supposed to encourage capital inflows, raising a number of barriers to investment in agriculture, fisheries, industry and tourism. International financial institutions and the government are in talks for several months about the resolution of the debt Burma to allow the resumption of lending.

The Paris Club and the Burmese government signed an important agreement on January 24, canceling 60% of Burma’s debt. The rest will be rescheduled over fifteen years. This agreement is another sign of the confidence that the international community is giving to the reformist regime in Burma. And with the gradual opening up to competition, the Burmese government plans an annual growth of 7.7% over five years.

For a long time, few Western companies were operating in Burma. This period of time is over. A new process has been activated and, for sure, nobody is willing to stop it for now. Burma is a new land of opportunities with a huge potential, as was Vietnam in early 90’s when it started to open itself to the outside world.



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Signs of Life is a road safety campaign developed by Othello KHANH – Créa TV in association with Director – Animator Philippe MASSONNET.
Episode 1 is a 30 second pilot of a series created for AIP Foundation about pedestrian safety.


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Othello Khanh and Fabrice Turri documented the 40 years Celebration of Vietnam – France Diplomatic relationships at the Saigon Opera House on April 12, 2013.

France’s Consul General Fabrice Mauries, opens the gates of his residence and talks about the Paris Agreements and 1973 and the bilateral relationships 40 years later.

12 Avril 2013 – Celebration du 40eme Anniversaire des relations diplomatiques entre la France et le Vietnam a Ho Chi Minh Ville.
Avec Fabrice Mauries, Consul General de France a Ho Chi Minh Ville.

Un film de Othello Khanh et Fabrice Turri
Production: Créa TV Content