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Follow the Alpenliebe Fresh candy as it travels all around Vietnam bringing joy to people from Hanoi, Hochiminh City,  the Mekong Delta, the Mountains of Dalat and back to the Northern Capital.

A fun and bubbly job created by the Lowe Vietnam team and produced in collaboration with Oriental films, Montevideo, Uruguay and the CREATV Company in Saigon.

Client: Alpenliebe VN
Agency: Lowe Vietnam
ECD: Carlos Camacho Martinez
EP: Vanessa Hurst
Production: Oriental Uruguay – The Creatv Company Vietnam


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TVC Showreel 2014

The CREATV Company TVC  showreel (November 2014)

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Truong Ngoc Anh as you probably never seen her rock before, in leather and lace, scorpions and a sand storm, in an epic Music Video debut to launch her new Vietnamese theatrical Blockbuster, Huong Ga.

Artist : Truong Ngoc Anh featuring Oringchains
Director: Thang Vu
Produced @ The CREATV Company

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Founded as one of the main divisions of the Petro Vietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) to support oil and gas activities. PTSC Supply Base is currently housing and serving more than 100 oil fields companies, domestic and foreign owned. With more than 600 employees and 10 functional departments, PTSC Supply Base serves more than 100 clients every day. Proving it to be one of the biggest supply bases in the SE Asia region.

vlcsnap-2014-07-16-11h34m13s119 vlcsnap-2014-07-16-11h35m40s235 vlcsnap-2014-07-16-11h35m02s101 vlcsnap-2014-07-16-11h34m43s190












Our task was to produce a film which showcases the wide range of services and capabilities which PTSC Supply Base have and deliver upon. We shoot the film over 2 days and included the usage of the fly cam to show an overall view of the Supply Bases area and size. The 5 min film truly show cases PTSC Supply base.

Production: the CREATV Company 2014

Director: Peter Scheid


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As a new part of our full services we are glad to introduce our 2014 Image Bank to clients and partners. The footage is available to download for any usage on full HD.


First chapter our library is Ho Chi Minh City. Créa TV sent a crew of 2 cameramen equipped with DSLR full HD cameras in the bustling streets of Vietnam’s southern metropolis to capture General Vision over the first quarter of 2014. We offer lifestyle, landmarks and time-lapse clips. Contact us at for details.

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This month, Créa TV is excited to announce the opening of our new Online and Davinci Resolve Color Grading Suite. Adding up to our existing editing and audio suites, this new post production service allows us to finish all projects in house from TVCs to Feature Films. A new service for our One-Stop-Shop Facility.


The upgrade of our post production facility allows our producers to offer the full in house experience of film making to our partners and clients.

Starting with our 2 audio treated/air-conditioned sound stages, our fully equipped production offices and post-production suites with 2 audio mixing rooms as well as 2 offline cutting rooms and now brand new online and Grading suite.

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Coca-Cola Office TVC.
Créa TV worked closely with Phibious Vietnam to produce the latest TVC for Coca Cola Vietnam.



The brief was to show people bored in their everyday, mundane office job. Then someone has the bright idea to have a “Coke” and the party begins.



Director was TJ Hall.


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Créa TV is Southeast Asia’s foremost film production companies bringing unparalleled experience to the making of high-end commercials, television programs, corporate films, films and more recently offering news and media services. After more than 15 years of operations based in Vietnam and working within the region, Créa TV has built a unique infrastructure with production offices, 2 sound stages and an in house post-production facility. And we have extensive partnerships and resources throughout SE Asia

Essentially we provide film and production services to International Productions Houses, International Television Broadcasters, and International Ad agencies. Our recent shows and clients include: CBS Primetime USA (The Amazing Race Ep 22.5, March 2013), Warner Bros USA (The Bachelor Ep. 18.5, Feb 2014), Paramount Pictures, Fandago Italy (La Vita di Oriana, March 2014), ABC News USA (John Kerry in Vietnam,  December 2013, Malaysian Airlines MH370 missing plane – Vietnam/Malaysia/Thailand, March 2014) and BBC’s Top Gear Special Burma 2014 through our new associate partner Terry Gordon, from Asia Film Fixers

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Filming Warner Horizon’s The Bachelor for ABC USA in Da Nang – Central Vietnam is yet proof of the trend that large Hollywood production can be catered for in Vietnam.


Imagine a US film crew of more than 200 executives, producers, directors, cameramen light and grip, 14 talents and 10 metric tons of equipment in and out of Vietnam for less than a week, supported by a Créa TV team of 50 souls. This must have been the largest foreign TV show ever shot in the country.


It all started on 8 October 2013 with an email from Ms René Jermal, a Los Angeles based production manager entitled “Production Facilitator Needed in Vietnam”. The email mentioned a 12 day prep and shoot but I was immediately intrigued by a sentence: “We travel with a large crew of approximately 85 people and require large transportation and local production support needs…” . I started to do some research and quickly came to the realization that this show could only be ABC’s The Bachelor


Créa TV has a long track record of facilitating large US productions such as numerous Amazing Race episodes for CBS primetime and licensed versions across the planet, Semester at Sea for MTV, making Créa TV at the top of the list of facilitators for these international mega productions. Again, this episode of The Bachelor was supposed to be shot in another Southeast Asian country and Créa TV was competing with production houses outside of Vietnam. And Again we are proud to announce that Vietnam was be chosen as the destination for the show and Créa TV as the facilitator.

The job was delivered, on time, under budget, and with a full safety record. I would like to close this blog with excerpts from thank you notes from our clients: from Ms Jermal, Production Manager “I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help and support in Vietnam.  Obviously we had a lot of changes and uncertainties and we appreciate your patience and support with everything. It was a tough episode, but we conquered and destroyed it together!  We would love to work with your team again.”   And from Mr David Albrecht, Warner Executive the day after the show was broadcast on ABC: “Last night was our Vietnam episode, and it did VERY well — thanks for your support!”


Othello Khanh, Ho Chi Minh City, 21 March 2014

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Crea TV worked closely with Bates CHI & Partners to produce the latest spot for Huda Beer. A lot of detail went into ensuring the TVC is suitable for the Central region of Vietnam and we had a lot of fun making this spot.

Director was David Rechtman, DOP Merlin Van Staden, EP Steve McLennan.