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In March, the CREATV Company line produced a TVC in a magical location way up north of Vietnam, at the actual border with China. 20150322_081403 copy You don’t get to the Ban Gioc Waterfalls by chance. You need to deserve them. And the 10 hour ride from Hanoi is the price your body pays to be allowed to discover this astounding location. Listen to my advice, don’t take the Lang Son path as the punishment will be horrific. This road remembered by the French as Route Coloniale 4, the RC4 became the grave of thousands of men in 1950, four years before the debacle of Dien Bien Phu. I recommend you take the Highway through Thai Nguyen province then up the steep winding road all the way North, pass Cao Bang city until the car cannot go further. Across the Quay Son river, you hit China. BAN GIOC china The  Ban Gioc Waterfalls are actually a set of two falls. On the first one – to the left when you arrive onsite, water drops 30 meters from wild vegetation, while the second falls…20150322_105318 which are shared with China are much wider and water drops the height difference in stages. On our scout and shoot, the power outflow was not at it’s maximum as March is still in the dry season. Come June and you can see all the might of that real world marvel. 20150322_111406 copy If you enjoy rock climbing, you will be able to reach the first level of the water system and enjoy the panorama overlooking the site and our northern bordering neighbours. 20150322_155406 copy The shoot was mainly marine and involved a fleet of barges as it needed to accommodate a multi-camera shoot of and Epic and a Phantom for all the High speed shots … 20150326_152208 a Jimmy Jib that came by truck from Ho Chi Minh City, a close to 2000 km / 5 days road trip… 20150326_153937 and 15 production crew and agency clients from Mumbai … 20150326_152752 including their lovely and nonetheless very courageous model. 20150326_152605 The result shows, it was well worth the trip!


Othello Khanh

Saigon, April 2015

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Immerse yourself in 1967 Vietnam.

This Italian TV series was shot on location in Ho chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta and  the Southern Highlands.

Courtesy of Fandango Italy.

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From time to time, the Creatv Company embarks on a journey that reaches the depths of our soul, and with Dateline (SBS Australia), the Creatv Company did just that! Beginning in Ho Chi Minh City our investigative travels took us to Bien Hoa and Nha Trang where Joe Le searched for a father who only lived in his imagination. More than twenty years later, the journey took Joe to places he only heard or dreamt about, to meet a family he’s only seen photos of, and to a home, only his heart knew just how much it yearned for.

With great support from our friends at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the lovely locals who guided and aided Joe in his search, and the wonderfully patient Director/DP Catherine Scott, Dateline changed Joe forever, with this once in a lifetime experience!

Watch the full film here:

see the trailer here:

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An Epic commercial for Saigon Beer, the pride of Vietnam. The journey takes us through the modernisation of the Nation from its roots: the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta, the mountains of the North and their noble ethnic minorities & the beautiful  beaches and their valiant fishermen … to the modern world it is today.

Client: Sabeco

Product: Saigon Beer

Agency: Lowe Vietnam

Production House: The CREATV Company

Post: CREATV Post

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Follow the Alpenliebe Fresh candy as it travels all around Vietnam bringing joy to people from Hanoi, Hochiminh City,  the Mekong Delta, the Mountains of Dalat and back to the Northern Capital.

A fun and bubbly job created by the Lowe Vietnam team and produced in collaboration with Oriental films, Montevideo, Uruguay and the CREATV Company in Saigon.

Client: Alpenliebe VN
Agency: Lowe Vietnam
ECD: Carlos Camacho Martinez
EP: Vanessa Hurst
Production: Oriental Uruguay – The Creatv Company Vietnam


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Bizarre Foods episode was shot in Vietnam for a week this November. The CREATV provided the menu and local support to Minneapolis based Tremendous entertainments producers of the US show. Quoting Host and E.P. Andrew Zimmern on wrap day: “Thank you CREATV for the top notch team & international class services”. Thank you Chef!  Stay posted for the broadcast of this episode.

Here is a link to a short behind the scenes of a sequence shot in a night market.

And here a link to an exclusive interview for Asia Life Magazine


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Had a hell of a lot of fun directing this cinema ad for Beetalk, Vietnam recently. A kind of VN Indie Pop, David & Goliath fable with phone apps! This is the directors edit so it features the antiauthoritarian gag which was “softened” for the official broadcast version. Also great to work with the very talented young performer Thảo Nhi – the runner up in last year’s The Voice – our narrative is a cheeky play on her real life outcome of being a genuine audience fave and missing out on the big prize.

Brendan Young, Director

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TVC Showreel 2014

The CREATV Company TVC  showreel (November 2014)

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The CREATV Company worked with Client Beetalk and director Brendan Young from Australia to create this cinema and online campaign with pop sensation Thao Nhi .

Client: Beetalk
Production: The CREATV Company
Post: CREATV Post

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Unilever celebrates the 15 Years of the PS dental hygiene brand’s  presence and actions in Vietnam. A cheerful film from ECD Carlos Camacho, Director Matias Legaria with lots of kids and big birthday cake.

Client: Unilever
Agency: Lowe Vietnam
Director: Mat Legaria
Production: The CREATV Company